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Tobyhanna Township officially returns to in-house billing of the Blakeslee Sewer Area in the Township's Blakeslee Sewer District.  Residential customers shall be receiving their first "new" invoice from the Township at the end March 2014.  Current residential rates are $200.00 per quarter if paid within 30 days.  Commercial customers will be billed at the beginning of April 2014.  Both billings are for the first quarter of 2014.

Any residential user who remits full payment of the entire annual user charge to the Township no later than 30 days from the date of said bill may deduct from said annual user charge the sum of 5% of the total amount of said bill as a discount in recognition of the advanced payment of the entire yearly balance.

The Township believes returning billing in house will help to increase collections and facilitate customer relations as all account information will now be available at the Township.  Previously, accounts were billed by Aqua Pennsylvania.  Aqua will no longer be accepting payments after March 31, 2014.  The Township will also be able to accept secure credit card payments both at the Township office and by going to:  Customers will now have an option to go paperless and sign up for email billing.

Residents can call the Township office at 570-646-1212 or visit the Sewer Administration office located on 105 Government Center Way, off State Avenue, Pocono Pines, PA to answer any questions or to make payment arrangements.
Please use the far entrance on the West End of the building.



PLEASE read this article on imposters posing as utility workers



The Township has been televising the collection system looking for broken pipes and/or damaged laterals. If you notice that your lateral clean out vent has been damaged, please contact a licensed contractor to repair it. Township ordinances prohibit the following from being connected to your lateral: storm water, roof runoff, air conditioner drains, sump pumps, area drainage or any sub-surface drainage.

Groundwater infiltration/inflow causes hydraulic overloading at the Treatment Facility and upsets the treatment process.

DO NOT introduce the following items into the collection system:

Sanitary Napkins
Paper towels
Cooking Grease
  Petroleum products
Coffee grounds
Seafood shells
Plastic items
Socks or rags

Homes with Grinder Pumps:

The three-year warranty for E-One grinder pumps has expired. If your house is connected to the collection system utilizing a grinder pump, some actions which you can perform as a homeowner to ensure the proper functioning of your pump are:

1.) In case of a power outage, check to insure your grinder pump is reset prior to using water.

2.) Run the water long enough to cause the grinder pump to turn on. This will purge the system and fill it with a sufficient amount of clean water.

3.) Leave the electrical power to the pump on. The pump contains a heating element in the control compartment to eliminate condensation problems.

4.) If a problem occurs and the alarm light turns on and service is required, as a homeowner you are free to call anyone you would like to service your pump

The original pumps were purchased from:

Site Specific
SR 115 North
Blakesee PA 18610
(570) 643-6565

You may call them to request a list of local certified E-one pump repair facilities. You may also inquire about an extended warranty.

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